Thursday, 27 May 2010


thinking TRA is becoming a log for seizures lately,am having so many of them.

today,had gotten the warning signs this morning to expect a seizure, and had to stress out all day not knowing when it'd happen.
it finally happened tonight,but they were several big TC seizures,staff had been with self in bedroom most ofthe dy because of what were expecting,had been sat on the bed next to the padded wall as well which was a big help.

usually,when expecting a TC seizure,will go into the wetroom/shower room and sit next to the toilet with the door closed hoping no one hears them because of history in previous service where woud be coming around from seizures to the sounds of 'its attention seeking',or 'its task avoiding' or some other ignorant shit,but this option ends up with blood,and suspected fractures.
trying to remove this thinking,but its hard-that past has had a huge mental effect on self.

apparently its going to be a few months for the neuro appointment for meds sorting to come through,which is stupid as am getting severe seizures almost every day now,surely thats a bit more important at least than the lowest level of priority.

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