Monday, 3 May 2010

Now how did that get there?

Tonight,after giving top of tit a scratch [own tit that is,not anyone elses],realised there was a hard moveable lump.
At first,thought may have got a flea bite off lottie [shoudnt have thought that poor cat she hasnt got fleas],until checking it out more and realising a lump had somehow got in there.
Showed one of the staff it, and they said its about the size of a pea.
A bit later,also remembered that had found it some time ago as well,
but had forgotten all about it.

Having just checked out a bit about tit lumps,this one seems to look and feel like a harmless one,cant remember the name of it and woudnt be able to spell it anyway.
not a doctor [obviously],but the experience of having many rats and cats with cancer,showed that cancer tumours were not moveable like this lump is,and am not bothered in any way about the thought of cancer,more to do with having to go doctors and hospital which for self is a nightmare,wonder will they just whip it out while am in there to get a tooth out soon?

Stupid tits,woud rather they just whip those off,they have no use for self and are only good for people who want babies,or extra airbags.

Just a thought,but what are other Autists,support staff,carers and family doing,when it comes to checking for tit lumps?
especially profound autists with little understanding and very limited communication ability?

Have only seen it done rarely on the prof. autistics have known when they have gone to hospital for tit scans,this sort of stuff is one thing that shoud be taken more seriously by all of us.

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