Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mobile sprinkler system

Every weekend,when am brought back to mums/dads,there is the same routine.

Thomas [family call him that when he's been a naughty boy,its really tom tom] has been spraying everything like its going out of cat fashion lately,and he has been trying to molest poor biscuit so much that she has gotten herself a panic room:She cant help being beautiful,and it doesnt really help when she rolls on her back to all cats to show she is not a leader/threat,as our Thomas thinks he's got a wife in the making now.

He has actually managed to spray her,once when she rolled on her back in front of him,and another time he got her in the face whilst in the house,she is well and truly now property of Tom tom.

He has tried jumping on her,s/staff said that is how they have kittens, have had to rescue her as she gets into these huge screamy hissy fits [more than normal],and hes even worse.

In the house,he sprays anything,and have had laptop,rucksack and the little horsey rucksack hosed down by him [Lottie doesnt mind when she smells it though].
As soon as dad sees his tail lift up,he picks tomtom up so that he's holding him almost like a shotgun under his arm,starts telling him off and puts him out-arse first out the door and no time to put tail down!

Have offered so often to pay for tom toms neuturing,but they keep saying that he may have an owner so think they shoud do it, but they are not much of an owner if they are letting a tom roam the streets when are able to get free or cheaper neuturing now.

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