Sunday, 2 May 2010

Communication just got better

have found out about a new program called proloquo2go [copy and paste its name into google],which is for use on the apple iphone and ipad.
it is touch screen communicative software,using PECS and TTS,and its getting increasing support already from the autism and autistic community.

given that communication devices are out of reach to many people because of cost,the developers of proloquo2go do not know how much help they will be,to the many of us who need either full speech replacements or backups.
the software does cost,but why not for what its worth? am ordering
proloquo2go and an iphone possibly next week,if can get away with it.
have not used JTalk-as a mobile communication device on the laptop for a while because of the battery life and mobility difficulties, so cannot wait to have a better handheld version at last,in own case at least,the more comms aids the better.

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