Friday, 21 May 2010

Latest buys

Last week had torn apart the only pair of boots/footware have got/will use in a meltdown so was in desperate need of a new pair,they were already in need of replacing anyway so they luckily werent a good condition pair.

was looking into getting a pair of timberlands as had had a pair for years before which are strong and obviously last-but getting them is another thing as they are in sold places that are inaccessible to self.

Ended up remembering the equestrian mountain horse range of boots,and we decided to go to estate supplies to check out the boots there and hoped they stocked mountain horse,as these boots can be used for everything,including riding.

was in luck,they stocked the MH protective rider riding boots-

these are heavily weighted with metal in the sole of the boot to keep heel down for riding,which in turn has finally helped self walk better,as am not a heel walker,the extra weight helps to 'feel' connected to body more as well.
they're also taller so have more support which was also needed.
theyre steel toe capped to stop Jasmine deciding to have a good stamp if she ever plans to.

Estate supplies are always good for free horse magazines with horses for sale in them,so had grabbed a few-can always wish to have a horse in some way or another one day!

Also got a pale blue shirt through the post today,its only a cheap one,
coudnt care less of the brand but spotted it on ebay [brand new with tags],its a bit big as am not used to needing only large in them now,but it will be ok.
have got a few more polo tshirts with jasmine lookalikes coming as well,they just take a bit longer because of the sewing.

And ordered a brand new fan today off there-forget what one it is,but
its wall mountable [the handyman/builder here is going to mount it up high in corner so cannot break it],reviews say its ultra quiet,and its also got a remote control.
having a sound proofed window it gets extremely hot in here,and the hot weather is possibly worsening seizures,as well as making self sick and tired so this was needed.

The sensory equipment from ROMPA still hasnt been bought yet as predictibly,social worker hasnt got back in contact with manager yet to give the goahead as theyre not allowed to buy the stuff without his say as they are big things.

The motability car has been sorted-but its still stuck on one final stage-the dwp are delaying in adding appointee onto records and he cant order the car till then.

Lottie is doing well,bought her a huge bag of posh natural kitty biscuits [Applaws] recently,and need to buy her a new collar and tag as she lost them again.

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