Friday, 28 May 2010

the sensory equipment came today

the several items had ordered from the ROMPA sensory store came today [friday].

its awesome stuff,took some quick photos,didnt want to take the vest off for photo so just did a one handed shot.

one of them is a special type of rocking chair,called the rock n fold chair:
have to get used to having it around first,before using it but everyone else tested it and really like it,apart from one person who complained about it being to much to get into for his old age.
it can be filled with water to stop any chance of it moving,but wont be doing that.
will be able to bring it in the car as its portable as well.
it fits all ages and sizes,as long as are not obese.

the other item,is the southpaw bear hug deep pressure vest [shown quite loose in photo here as there were only male staffs on the time and they're not allowed to do this sort of stuff when it gets close to tit area,have had it tightedned up now by female staff]-

its made of neoprene and is a bit like those neoprene knee supports which just strap together like velcro.
was instantly affected by the pressure of the vest,had been having quite a bad day-wrecking toilet rolls,hitting out and cutting self, but as soon as the vest went on it calmed self down instantly,really cannot recommend getting one of these enough-either for self or an autistic child if are pressure seeking.

have just found out these vests have added southpaw weighted straps for add on,so will be getting some of these.

woud highly recommend checking out ROMPA,though one issue- its not exactly got alot of options for pay.
if are a visa electron debit card owner,ROMPA do not give it as an option but staff put it through as a 'visa debit card' [this is the higher up visa debit card that banks wont give to people on benefits cause we're not posh enough],and it still worked on both sides.
think am going to get addicted to buying something from them every week now,like ebay.
we're still waiting for the bloody fan to come.

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