Monday, 24 May 2010

Tics and horses

not talking about those fat white squishy things that attach themselves to animals for dinner,but movement/vocal tics.

the heat and increased seizures has brought them on severely lately, and last night was not in a very good way,beating up both self and what was surrounding self due to being fed up with body being well out of control with was another bad day for this-had a seizure this morning whilst out [not to bad as had gone out before the sensory overload was able to build up]
but after that,was ticcing all day again.
this evening,was able to go for a drive with staff because of the effect heat has on the seizures and tics,so we had gone out to see the local gypsy horses,and as always-had camcorder with self,so took some photos of them busy munching away in the sun:
the horse at the bottom looks like he's giving birth to a white foal!

we stopped off at an old regular that used to go to see with NAS support staff,a shetland pony-

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