Wednesday, 5 May 2010

cleaning the floor with epilepsy

Didnt manage to ride Jasmine today,because the jack russel 'goggies' on the yard started barking and staff did not want to risk doing the lesson as goggies had triggered a mild meltdown.

Almost had to cancel the lesson whilst in the minibus in the carpark because it had been pissing it down as usual [having severe sensory difficulties means am not able to ride in the rain and they only have an outdoor arena].
It had stopped raining,and was just getting out the MB when was hit by the barking.
Still got starbucks afterwards as normal,and noticed a lot of horses in super bright pink MW rugs on the way back,probably from Katie Prices own brand,was a good job they werent wearing the hotpants she sells.

Am currently recovering from a non triggered TC and combo-d abscense seizures right now,and they are saying have to have a doctors visit [here] tomorrow,not looking forward to this at all,as its all new,dont know them.

had recognised something might happen before it did as was feeling like was floating,and as if had had a stroke-am not usually able to recognise the post seizure weirdness,so this has been a good thing.
Managed to move the starbucks out of the way,as did not want to cover self in it,and have to say,one good thing about own TC seizures is they're buffing these floor tiles great!

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