Sunday, 2 May 2010

a few bits and pieces

the letter came last week,that is-the letter to prove the high rate mobility/of DLA is back to normal,but it wont start till next week,so cannot rush to order the car till then.
still need to order the crelling harness,and have made a bit of a fuck up as didnt realise the citroen nemo doesnt come with air con unless pay motability to have it put in,so am hoping they will change the order to add it as am not able to cope with windows being open,and it is to hot in this warmer weather already let alone summer.

have come to realise that am not getting anywhere with sensory stuff.
the TC seizures that have,affect the right temporal lobe,this bits main thing is being in control of the senses-in how a persons brain understands what comes in/out,after a seizure,temperarily senses are much more severly acute so needs less sensory information next time to trigger,and so on.
Have had non stop tinitus since head being smashed off a metal gate during a very bad seizure last week,so its making it even worse.

woud say to anyone with head injuring risk,to get assessed for a padded helmet,especially to parents of young autistic children who have not been brain damaged yet from head banging and seizures [or any other issues].
they can be bought privately,but get referred to a neuro for one to be assessed as to whether they think need one or not.

am currently waiting for own one via neuro and LD services,as have not been able to wear the solid nike-bauer for a while due to size issues and tinitus from having solid sides.

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