Thursday, 20 May 2010

Train set is up and running

Cannot even remember when had gotten it,but had finally gotten the TOMY thomas the tank engine and friends deluxe train set that had been after for ages [well after any thomas train set].
have left off the grey track which goes over and under the blue track.
put it together with staff and must have spent all day at it,for a kiddies train set woud think itd be a lot easier.very glad was not allowed to get the hornby one [because of the sharp break offable bits] in the end,it has turned out a lot better because it is more colourful and a lot bigger.
only problem with it is the batteries run down quick,and it is noisier than the hornby one so have to use ear defenders with it.
it is currently on the heavy duty rug that have used for sensory seeking/pressure for years,but it is going to be permenantly stuck onto a MDF board so it can be kept out of here when not in use to avoid breaking it.heres a few photos:

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