Friday, 7 May 2010

Ebayin...and stuff

Been at it again today.
Have bought the following:
*Tomy Thomas & friends: thomas & cranky deluxe action train set,
its used,but in excellent condition,it is being stuck/nailed/whatever onto MDF so staff can put it elsewhere to avoid being damaged, apparently its huge,just wanted one to watch it going round and around [something self,and the prof. autistic am living with both enjoy,was told for both of us its about the predictibility and motion,
but know that it differs for other autists].

*A few pale blue polo tshirts from this seller:
have bought a pale blue one off them before,which had a horse just like jasmine sewn into it,gone for different horses this time though.
Have a habit of shredding clothes to communicate when other ways arent available,so have got very little left,which is why have bought a few.

Also,had pre seizure warning signs this evening,and havent had a seizure yet,but am not looking forward to it,think its even worse when become aware of the warning signs as its all can think of now.

Going to mums/dads tomorrow as usual,but am buying sisters boyfriend a new xbox game for his birthday first,had been hoping it woud be something decent so coud borrow it later when hes fed up of it,but then realised no-he likes all the bugged up film licence crap because its got marvel or batman on the front,and had also forgotten the matter of a TV,which had been smashed some weeks earlier.

Unfortunately car did not get ordered today because of the seizure symptoms,but the childrens building were hogging both the car and minibus today,so probably woudnt have got out anyway,avoiding problems like this when finally get the car will be awesome.
Hopefully it'll be monday now,when reorder goes ahead.

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